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896 Campus Drive
Hancock, MI 49930

The Copper Country’s Trusted Dental Provider

Sarazin Dental Family Dentistry is your trusted general dentist in Downtown Hancock. Our staff and providers treat each patient with the warmth of a friend or neighbor, ready to guide you through your journey in dental health. We know our patients – they are our friends and neighbors – and it is our honor and pleasure to be your dental health provider.

Learn what sets us apart

  • "Very proud of both my Brother and my Nephew. Congratulations Tyler and we are so happy you are joining your Dad in his practice."
  • "We've been patients for years. I'm especially grateful for the level of patience and care given to my son with special needs. I completely trust Dr. Jim and now Dr. Tyler as well. Very happy with Sarazin Dental."
  • "So glad that my old dentist couldn't see me for 4 months after one of my teeth broke, because then I found Sarazin Dental. Tyler is very professional and was able to see me right away. They are able to work with my schedule and insurance needs. Judy is my favorite person to get a call from because of how friendly and happy she seems to talk to everyone! Almost like she has been waiting to talk to only you all day! Very personable and friendly staff! I will be a lifetime patient!"